What will happen to Greece?

As a proud Greek American seeing the situation that is going on in Greece today makes me sad. I think to myself, did it really have to get this bad for government reform to take place?

As most people who follow politics know, Greece was under a socialist rule for many years. It wasn’t until the Mid 90s when Greece entered the EU and the new conservative government came in, that things started to change…. but they didn’t change fast enough. At this moment in time, Greece can be the only one to blame for the economic catastrophe that is taking place there at this moment.

Here’s a question, how do you expect a government to sustain itself when:
1. No one really wants to “work”
2. No one really wants to pay taxes
3. But everyone wants the government to feed them

The answer is, it can’t. The unions in Greece have destroyed the economy to another degree. How is it possible that they were allowed so much power for so long. I remember numerous occasions throughout the years listening to the Greek news and showing one organized labor union literally shut down a whole city, because they weren’t happy that the government was trying to cut spending to help sustain itself.

I recall a time in the summer of 2004, I was in a taxi cab from Greece’s airport to our house in Athens and the driver began to tell me how he doesn’t like the Euro and the EU because they are putting too many regulations up and now Greece is turning into “America” where everyone just works all the time. I laughed at this comment, because I thought to myself, do you expect people not to work? How are they supposed to survive? But again, this shows the logic of some of the Greeks in Greece. Furthermore, credit has definitely been a contributing factor to Greece’s economic failure at this moment. Before the EU, there was no such thing as credit in Greece, I remember that everyone only used cash at all times no matter how big the purchase. Well, again, what happens when people are opening up credit lines left and right, yet don’t have the funds to pay them off? They go into debt. And that goes for America and Americans as well. We are partly to blame for the situation that we are in here in the US. Although I’d definitely say the Banks and our Government are definitely the main culprits in our demise as a country and leader.

But not to get side tract from Greece, let’s go back to another major issue. Youth unemployment is out of control there. It is unacceptable to think that students with college degrees cannot find work in the main Cities of Greece. The only fortunate part of the young Greeks is that they are able to work and live in other EU countries, but it’s still not fair to them, why can’t they live and work in their home space?

The bottom line is this, Greece needs to diversify its industries and they need to do this immediately. Explain to me why Greece after SO many years still has only to major industries; Government and Tourism? Well the answer is simple. Outside companies find Greece hard to work with because of the current labor and union laws. How can you expect a company to hire someone and after a year, they aren’t allowed to fire them without paying out unemployment the rest of their lives? What company would want to invest in a country like that? The answer is NO country would want to do this.

Now, many might not agree with my thinking, and I never say that you should. I simply write out my own thoughts and opinions in the effort to begin a great conversation and dialog. I never impose my views on anyone as they shouldn’t impose their views onto me. This is just a simple rant because I do love Greece and have so many family and friends there. I had at one point envisioned living the rest of my life in Greece, but at this point in time, that is just no an option. I hope that things change and Greece can become a prosperous country the way it once was.

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Social Media is Changing the Face of Public Relations Campaigning

Everytime I read a blog or a story on how Web 2.0 is changing the way we communicate, I get excited. Developing your social media brand, whether personal or for your company, is a surge of energy. Learning and contributing relative content to build communities with your peers or customers is something I love to do most. Came across this recent article on how Social Media is changing PR and had to share..
Click here for Article

It also makes me think about a great book I’m reading on the revolution of Web 2.0 PR and the progressive movement of Social Media PR and Blogging. Check out the Book by Brian Solis called Putting the Public back into Public Relations. I also leave you with another great blog on Social Media by my favorite writer and WEB 2.0 Evangilist Brian Solis Click here for Blog

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Keeping up with the times

I didn’t think that keeping a blog would actually be a task. It’s not that i can’t think of things to write, but in the course of a day, I get so busy, the last thing on my mind is to blog away. I figured 2 months had been long and enough and I should throw a few out there. So many things have been going on in current events over the past few weeks and with 2012 right around the corner anything is viable to come out and happen. I think in recent scandals, Jon Stewart takes funny to a whole other level. He never fails to make me laugh at how ridiculous our government officials can be. The following is an excellent clip from a recent Daily Show..

Also… anyone heard about the recent Palin and Co. scandal… wow and these are the people who want to represent us… really.. does the GOP think they have any chance with the pool of candidates they are trying to push out for 2012…. It’s depressing to see what things have come to.

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The Brain and your language

This is pretty interesting info graphic. Thought i’d share – Click Here for full content

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60 minutes – The next housing shock

Has anyone seen this 60 minutes video? This is utterly disturbing. I’m so glad we gave these banks bail outs to try and resolve the crisis we have in the US. It seems that not only did they take the money and run, but they are now forging documents to try and kick people out of their homes? Seriously, where is the justice in this? How are we going to sit back and continue to allow these giants to stomp all over us? Then we have the GOP and the Tea Party trying to protect these guys.. riiiiggghhht that’s exactly what we need. No one said that free enterprise and capitalism is a bad thing, it’s what makes America a thriving place – where people CAN open up small business and live a great life… well at least that used to be the reality. These banking institutions AND WALL STREET need to be held accountable for the terrible decisions they made – they too – need some sort of regulation- we cannot continue to destroy the recovery of the global economy because the 1% elite want to be selfish. How is it possible that we are here, 4 years after the great collapse, and NOTHING has really come back to normal besides wall street and the banks? It’s as if, they didn’t even have a hitch……

Link to video click here.

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This so called…. “Pop Music”

I noticed that keeping a blog isn’t as easy as I thought i’d be. Most of the time when I get the idea to write, i’m no where near my computer and by the actual time I sit at the computer, I can’t remember my idea…. so here goes.

As I sat in my friends car on Saturday, waiting for her to get out of the bank, I had the radio going. We all know that radio today just sucks and is pretty much worthless. With the invention of satellite radio, where you can personalize your music choices with limited to zero commercial interruption, is there any other reason not to ignore the radio? I got one, how about the crap they spew over the waves they try to pass off as music. Since when does going into a recording studio and recording a song that is completely synthesized to help hide the fact that you can’t sing, become music?

I mean, no one ever said Pop music is bad, it’s just that most pop music that comes out now days sounds all the same! There is nothing to differentiate it from the other. This so called 21st century “Pop Music” is all done within a studio, without real talent, and a producer who mixes great dance beats, but those dance beats don’t make up for the fact the music blows. It all blends in with the other, how do you know if you’re listening to Lady Gaga or Madonna? Has anyone heard Lady Gaga’s new song? Can you tell which Madonna song she completely bit off? Don’t get me wrong, i’m a Gaga fan, but I’m going to call a spade a spade, and for all the so called “artistic talent” she possesses, since day one, she has been like a Madonna impersonator. Now, don’t even get me started on Brittany Spears! This girl needs to seriously disappear. Who the hell told her she had enough talent to produce another album? I mean, it’s not like she ever really had talent. She was a cute girl that every guy in America wanted when she was younger, once she went all psycho and popped out 2 kids, she showed her real “WT” (White Trash) greatness. No one wants the haggered mess down the street. Now she is trying to make a comeback? I mean pleasseeeeee… and her song. It sounds just like the previous 20 with ZERO originality. The latest new about Paltrow and Kardashian making music, I mean seriously? We all saw the terrible mess Paltrow made at the Grammy’s and Kim should stick to looking pretty, cause she is good at that. The only one I’ll give credit to is Christina Aguilera, the girl can sing. If she comes off this crazy party girl kick she’s on and produces music that sounds more like her Stripped album, i’d buy it.

Now that this rant over lame ass pop music is coming to an end, i’d like to plug just a few of my favorite bands that I feel people should enjoy as well:

Rebelution: If you’re into reggae with some real talent on the guitar and vocals, you’ll totally dig this band. I first learned about them on one of my many trips to San Diego. My friends are totally into them and spread the love on to me. Saw them play at SD House of Blues and the vibe was amazing. I would see them again in a heartbeat. Check out there song “Lazy Afternoon” or “Suffering”

The XX: Another band I was recently introduced to and so glad it happened. The combination of the guy and girl vocals balance each other makes your head move along to the beat. You just have to listen to this band to understand “Crystalised”

The Raconteurs: If you’re a fan of Jack White, you’ll be a fan of this band.

Citizen Cope: Well I think most all people should know this band. Words can’t explain the way the songs make me feel. I learned about Citizen Cope when I was in Indiana and have been obsessed with them ever since. I’ve seen them 3 times and each time gets better.

The Black Keys: I was recently introduced to this band and it was quickly moved up in the ranks to become one of my all time favorites. I don’t care which album i’m listening to, the music is all amazing. It’s difficult to list out my favorite song – there latest album Brothers has got to be one of the best so far.

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First Timer

Just started my own blog… everyone kept telling me I should so I finally broke down and did… I tend to always have a million thoughts in my head going on all at once that can’t get out fast enough so why not type them out as they come to me. Not sure who will follow my rants and contribute their thoughts so let’s see how this goes.

For those who decide to follow and don’t know me, here’s a quick rundown. I’m a Young PR Professional trying out blogging for the first time. I’m a fanatic about Colts Football, Peyton Manning, Apple Products, Technology,  Political Debates, Current Events, Traveling, Working out, and Socializing with good friends.

At 18, I moved to Cyprus to start University, after 2.5 years, I transferred to UIndy in Indianapolis, IN, and before returning to my homestate of CA I worked for OU and lived in Tulsa, OK for 2.5 years. I’ve traveled to multiple countries and road tripped to multiple states and can’t wait for my next adventure and where it’s going to take me. Every lesson is a growing point and stepping stone to the eventual goal.

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