This so called…. “Pop Music”

I noticed that keeping a blog isn’t as easy as I thought i’d be. Most of the time when I get the idea to write, i’m no where near my computer and by the actual time I sit at the computer, I can’t remember my idea…. so here goes.

As I sat in my friends car on Saturday, waiting for her to get out of the bank, I had the radio going. We all know that radio today just sucks and is pretty much worthless. With the invention of satellite radio, where you can personalize your music choices with limited to zero commercial interruption, is there any other reason not to ignore the radio? I got one, how about the crap they spew over the waves they try to pass off as music. Since when does going into a recording studio and recording a song that is completely synthesized to help hide the fact that you can’t sing, become music?

I mean, no one ever said Pop music is bad, it’s just that most pop music that comes out now days sounds all the same! There is nothing to differentiate it from the other. This so called 21st century “Pop Music” is all done within a studio, without real talent, and a producer who mixes great dance beats, but those dance beats don’t make up for the fact the music blows. It all blends in with the other, how do you know if you’re listening to Lady Gaga or Madonna? Has anyone heard Lady Gaga’s new song? Can you tell which Madonna song she completely bit off? Don’t get me wrong, i’m a Gaga fan, but I’m going to call a spade a spade, and for all the so called “artistic talent” she possesses, since day one, she has been like a Madonna impersonator. Now, don’t even get me started on Brittany Spears! This girl needs to seriously disappear. Who the hell told her she had enough talent to produce another album? I mean, it’s not like she ever really had talent. She was a cute girl that every guy in America wanted when she was younger, once she went all psycho and popped out 2 kids, she showed her real “WT” (White Trash) greatness. No one wants the haggered mess down the street. Now she is trying to make a comeback? I mean pleasseeeeee… and her song. It sounds just like the previous 20 with ZERO originality. The latest new about Paltrow and Kardashian making music, I mean seriously? We all saw the terrible mess Paltrow made at the Grammy’s and Kim should stick to looking pretty, cause she is good at that. The only one I’ll give credit to is Christina Aguilera, the girl can sing. If she comes off this crazy party girl kick she’s on and produces music that sounds more like her Stripped album, i’d buy it.

Now that this rant over lame ass pop music is coming to an end, i’d like to plug just a few of my favorite bands that I feel people should enjoy as well:

Rebelution: If you’re into reggae with some real talent on the guitar and vocals, you’ll totally dig this band. I first learned about them on one of my many trips to San Diego. My friends are totally into them and spread the love on to me. Saw them play at SD House of Blues and the vibe was amazing. I would see them again in a heartbeat. Check out there song “Lazy Afternoon” or “Suffering”

The XX: Another band I was recently introduced to and so glad it happened. The combination of the guy and girl vocals balance each other makes your head move along to the beat. You just have to listen to this band to understand “Crystalised”

The Raconteurs: If you’re a fan of Jack White, you’ll be a fan of this band.

Citizen Cope: Well I think most all people should know this band. Words can’t explain the way the songs make me feel. I learned about Citizen Cope when I was in Indiana and have been obsessed with them ever since. I’ve seen them 3 times and each time gets better.

The Black Keys: I was recently introduced to this band and it was quickly moved up in the ranks to become one of my all time favorites. I don’t care which album i’m listening to, the music is all amazing. It’s difficult to list out my favorite song – there latest album Brothers has got to be one of the best so far.


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I'm a young PR Pro trying out blogging for the first time. I'm a fanatic about Colts Football, Peyton Manning, Apple Products, Technology, Political Debates, Current Events, Traveling, Working out, and Socializing with good friends. At 18, I moved to Cyprus to start University, after 2.5 years, I transferred to UIndy in Indianapolis, IN, and before returning to my homestate of CA I worked for OU and lived in Tulsa, OK for 2.5 years. I've traveled to multiple countries and road tripped to multiple states and can't wait for my next adventure.
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