60 minutes – The next housing shock

Has anyone seen this 60 minutes video? This is utterly disturbing. I’m so glad we gave these banks bail outs to try and resolve the crisis we have in the US. It seems that not only did they take the money and run, but they are now forging documents to try and kick people out of their homes? Seriously, where is the justice in this? How are we going to sit back and continue to allow these giants to stomp all over us? Then we have the GOP and the Tea Party trying to protect these guys.. riiiiggghhht that’s exactly what we need. No one said that free enterprise and capitalism is a bad thing, it’s what makes America a thriving place – where people CAN open up small business and live a great life… well at least that used to be the reality. These banking institutions AND WALL STREET need to be held accountable for the terrible decisions they made – they too – need some sort of regulation- we cannot continue to destroy the recovery of the global economy because the 1% elite want to be selfish. How is it possible that we are here, 4 years after the great collapse, and NOTHING has really come back to normal besides wall street and the banks? It’s as if, they didn’t even have a hitch……

Link to video click here.


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I'm a young PR Pro trying out blogging for the first time. I'm a fanatic about Colts Football, Peyton Manning, Apple Products, Technology, Political Debates, Current Events, Traveling, Working out, and Socializing with good friends. At 18, I moved to Cyprus to start University, after 2.5 years, I transferred to UIndy in Indianapolis, IN, and before returning to my homestate of CA I worked for OU and lived in Tulsa, OK for 2.5 years. I've traveled to multiple countries and road tripped to multiple states and can't wait for my next adventure.
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